Once you have started your studies at Murdoch, our support staff are here to help you with academic, cultural and emotional support until you graduate. We ensure you can access the right support for you.

找到更多的 支持选项 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at myMurdoch.


If you are studying an undergraduate degree, then our student support coordinator is here to help.


  • 课程的建议
  • 教程
  • 职业发展
  • access to other support services
  • 有什么问题吗
  • any concerns that may affect your studies.

保持联系 for support during your undergraduate studies.


If you are completing a postgraduate degree, you can contact the academic development coordinator for support with:

  • 课程作业(硕士生)
  • writing and conducting literature reviews
  • developing research methodology
  • 数据分析
  • 论文撰写与编辑
  • writing of journal articles for publication
  • 讨论想法.

If you are considering completing a postgraduate degree, then Kulbardi can also help with finding a supervisor and preparing your research proposal.

保持联系 for support during your postgraduate studies.


如果你在珀斯校区, you can access Kulbardi 设施 at any time using your identification card for access. 设施 include the computer room with access to printers, a kitchen and common room.


As a Murdoch student there are several scholarships you can access depending on your circumstances, background, academic results or what you are studying. Kulbardi also sponsors scholarships designed to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to 继续学习. Some Kulbardi scholarships may also assist with additional expenses such as laptops and childcare.

If you have any questions about scholarships or need any assistance with your application, 保持联系.




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