Chiropractic is a primary contact health profession concerned with the diagnosis, 肌肉骨骼系统疾病的治疗和预防, 以及这些疾病对神经系统和整体健康的影响.

在提供治疗之前, we’ll complete a thorough assessment to determine the best treatment option for your symptoms.

We use a range of chiropractic methods to develop 你的管理计划 including:

  • 脊椎和肢体操作
  • 脊柱和肢体活动
  • 软组织治疗(例如.g. 按摩,包括交叉摩擦和拉伸)
  • 电刺激, such as interferential and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS), 超声波, 还有冷热疗法
  • 牵引和有限的牵引装置称为屈曲分心
  • 积极护理(有监督的康复训练计划,家庭训练)
  • 身体康复及建议
  • referral to appropriate healthcare professionals for further investigations or co- management as deemed appropriate.


当你来我们诊所的时候, your case will be managed by a final (fifth) year chiropractic student clinician under the careful supervision of a registered chiropractor.

The number of consultations you need will depend on the treatment and management plan that is recommended for you. 有持续问题的患者可能需要更多的就诊. 这可以和你的实习医生讨论. 如果你在付款方面有任何问题 请通知实习临床医生.



75 - 90分钟


30 - 60分钟




During your initial consultation your clinicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition and symptoms, 包括收集你日常活动的信息, 健康史和以前受过的伤. 典型的检查包括 生命体征(e.g. 体温和血压), 相关区域的骨科评估, 区域考试(e.g. 眼睛,耳朵,鼻子和喉咙).

第一次咨询 will be focused on collecting all the relevant information to form an individualised treatment plan. 确保你的病情得到最好的治疗, 第一次就诊时通常不会提供治疗. 这 allows the student clinician to research and prepare your case with a supervisor.


在你初次咨询之后, your student clinician will recommend when to book your follow up appointment and will develop a comprehensive management plan that is tailored to your situation.

在你的第二次咨询中, 你将接受你推荐的治疗和管理计划, 并接受个性化护理. Each subsequent consultation will involve a discussion on how you are progressing, 考试, 与治疗相符 你的管理计划.

你还将获得指导,以帮助你的日常生活, 其中可能包括家庭护理活动, 延伸, 练习, 人体工程学或必要的活动修改.

在您的护理过程中, reviews will be performed by your student clinician and their supervisor to monitor your progress and ensure that you are receiving the best possible care.



Chiropractic manipulation (also known as ‘adjustment’) is a treatment method provided by chiropractors to help restore joint function and mobility. The manipulation involves the application of quick movement of the joint in a safe position to encourage normal range of motion.

Your chiropractor may recommend this as a component of your treatment and management, 但只有在安全和适当的时候, 在继续之前,我会给你详细解释治疗方法. Chiropractic manipulation is only one of multiple therapeutic interventions available in the treatment plan. 而按摩师通常会提供按摩, other treatment methods are often appropriate and may be preferred by the patient, 例如, 建议, 练习, 软组织治疗, 电模式, 录音,有时推荐给其他从业者.

脊椎按摩师照顾各种各样的人, 主要涉及肌肉骨骼系统和关节. 如果你之前因其他疾病去过诊所, 我想再约个时间讨论一下新的情况, please make our reception staff aware so they can book a long enough appointment time for a new assessment. A new problem requires a case review appointment so that it can be thoroughly evaluated and 你的管理计划 can be updated accordingly.

There is currently no good evidence to suggest that spinal manipulation has any effect on the immune system or systemic (organ) disease. 所有医疗保健提供者都是如此, non-musculoskeletal conditions may be identified as a part of a clinical encounter with patients at Murdoch University 按摩诊所. If a non-musculoskeletal health concern is identified during your consultation you will be referred to your medical practitioner for further evaluation and appropriate management.


Currently the research available is conflicted which does not allow us to offer a definitive opinion.


在每年的年底, the current cohort of students graduate and will transfer your care to the incoming cohort of students so that you are able to continue your care. Because your records are retained at the clinic and the supervisors overseeing your case are consistent, you are able to receive the same treatment that was provided by the previous student clinician.

If you are returning to the clinic for an existing condition you many not require a new assessment, depending on how long it’s been since your last appointment and whether you book the same clinician.

如果你是为了一种新的情况而回到诊所, 你需要预约病例复查以确保全面评估.

Only about one in every five or six patients will be advised to have an x-ray. Some patients will be referred out for other imaging such as MRI or a soft tissue (muscle) 超声波 when necessary.

虽然婴儿和儿童也会出现肌肉骨骼疾病, the chiropractic program at Murdoch University does not teach or advocate for the use of manipulation (high velocity low amplitude thrust manual therapies) in the care of infants. 然而, students get taught about the assessment of common musculoskeletal conditions of childhood and the use of evidence based interventions for these conditions when they do present in clinical practice.


我们重视您的意见,并鼓励您的反馈. 病人反馈表可在诊所接待处索取. 或者,欢迎您联系:

Vincenzo Cascioli