Murdoch University provides clinical placements at external locations in the metropolitan area, 在区域上也是如此, 农村和偏远地区.

最后一年的捏脊学学生, 在注册脊医监督下进行, provide clinical evaluations and treatment to all people who attend the outreach clinics. These outreach teaching clinics are designed to provide disadvantaged or less privileged members of the communities with health screenings and chiropractic services at no charge to which they otherwise may not have access.

Our students are able to get practical experience with patients from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds with unique physical and psychosocial issues, while using their skills to give back to their 社区. 我们所提供的服务 clinics receive strong support and appreciation from staff, students and the communities they serve.

outreach clinic support staff sitting on a rock in the bush



圣帕特里克社区支援中心 is part of an Australia-wide association of volunteer health professionals and qualified therapists called Hands on 健康, whose goal is to bring a range of health services to people going through difficult 无法获得医疗保健的人数. 圣帕特里克社区支援中心 provides holistic and allied health services to improve the wellbeing of underprivileged and marginalised people in the South Metropolitan region.


奥泰中心为社区的每个人提供服务, however is focused on delivering services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The aim of the centre is to promote health and wellbeing, 工艺美术, 教育项目, 和程序 for women, children, people with disability and the wider 社区.


帕默斯顿农场 provides an important 社区 service supporting individuals and 家庭 in Western Australia who are facing issues with substance use and abuse. The Farm is a residential therapeutic 社区 25 minutes south of 珀斯 for people aged 18 years or older who require medium-term rehabilitation in a supportive, drug-free environment.


曼杜拉老年人和社区中心 offers a variety of activities, 为55岁及以上人群准备的节目和特别活动, 鼓励体育, 社会和心理健康. The Centre offers programs that aim to stimulate, motivate and educate members, 包括运动小组, 健康和福利活动和服务, 社会群体, 终身学习, 游戏和联赛, 艺术和手工艺团体和社区团体.



每年, groups of chiropractic students and supervisors from Murdoch University travel to rural and remote regions to provide health assessments and hands-on care to people in these areas. Prior to participating, students are required to complete cultural awareness courses to become familiar with local Aboriginal culture. While this project primarily involves the treatment of back pain and other physical problems, there is also a strong emphasis on encouraging healthy living and improving quality of 当地居民的生活.

自2006年该项目启动以来, 我们的脊椎按摩学生提供了近20个,000 health checks and treatments at clinics in Tom Price, Paraburdoo, Wakathuni, Bellary弹簧, 纽曼, Jigalong, 杰拉尔顿, 太磁铁, Meekatharra, 卡那封, Karratha 居住和小镇库努纳拉.

Those who benefit from our Up North clinics include Aboriginal communities, 农村和偏远城镇的居民, 和旅行者. 这些诊所每年都备受期待, as they are the only way many people in rural and remote areas can access 这些服务.

学生 describe the experience of participating in these clinics as life changing.


Our outreach program is delivered by collaborating closely with various stakeholders, 包括西澳农村卫生中心(WACRH), 郡议会, 土著企业和其他产业支持者, 与西澳大利亚州卫生部(皮尔巴拉 健康).

The University gratefully acknowledges the generous support of:

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Supporters of our outreach clinics receive public exposure during the events, with prominently displayed banners making the connection with this valuable 社区 service. Details of the chiropractic clinics are well advertised and promoted on social 媒体和地方报刊、广播和其他媒体.


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